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Microsoft officially retires Hotmail

Goodbye  Hello


Microsoft has officially announced that they will be retiring the world's accounts and moving them into their new online email system.


Having introduced the as a preview in the summer of 2012, it is now ready for prime time.  All existing @hotmail accounts, if their owners haven't already, will be moved over, seamlessly, into the new system by the end of the summer.  


Outlook componentsAnd if you've grown tired of your old email address, now is the time to act and try and get a new one.  Perhaps that old doeThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  just isn't working for you anymore?  When I signed up during the preview I was offered an opportunity to set up a new email address.  


The new interface is very similar to that of Windows 8 and the use of that wonderful Segoe WP font is quite refreshing.


You can access all of your contacts, calendar, and Skye Drive through a convenient drop down option box in the top left corner of the screen.  Just click on the item that you would like.  The only one that I found a bit odd was the Calendar.  Seems it hasn't been rewritten with the new interface yet.  I was redirected to what seemed to be the @Live calendar.  Perhaps the calendar is still in the development stages.  I hope so because it just looks out of sorts with everything else that is part of the new system.



According to Microsoft's PR, this new Outlook mail system is the fastest growing email system in the world having gone from 0 to 60 million users in a few short months.  


But then in the next breath, according to a story on CBC, Microsoft will also admit that Hotmail has lost the cutting edge that had it perched on top of all other online email services.  Complacency and lack of innovation certainly allowed Google to step in with GMail and claim over 300 million users along with top spot.  


So we shall just have to see how well the new Outlook will fair.  As with most of these technologies, people just get comfortable where they are.  The users with hotmail accounts being retired will just effortlessly move into their new Outlook surroundings.  The real test is getting the GMail users to switch.


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